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lilly Raj Posted on 17/12/2018

Hi Ashish ,I am  working  in RESTAPI (the retail project) everything is working fine and I see the output in both the xml and cmd prompt ,like login ,add product ,update in both admin and customer ,I have checked the output and the session id's all is fine  ,only in this addproducttocart ,I am not able to get the response ,Please let me know what can be the issue.

Thank you 

Abhinav Replied on 19/12/2018

Hi Lilly

Please share you project. So that i can look into the issue. 

lilly Raj Replied on 03/01/2019

Hi Abhinav,

                 If you could let me know what part of the project that  you need a screen shot , I  can  attach it ,I mean is it the from the cmd prompt or from ReadyAPI.Which view .