Rest Assured Training
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Web Services,Postman

Training video 1

Duration 20 mins

Introduction to Web Services/API

  • What is a web service/ API
  • Why do we use web service
  • Introduction To XML
  • What is Rest
  • Introduction To JSON
  • Header and Body
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Training video 2

Duration 32 mins

Manual API testing using Postman

  • CRUD operations
  • GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests
  • Introduction to Postman tool
  • Introduction to Student App
  • Features of Student App
  • Understanding endpoints
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Java for Rest Assured

Training video 3

Duration 18 mins

Introduction To Java

  • Why is Java Important
  • Introduction to Java
  • Installing JDK
  • Download eclipse
  • First Java Program
  • Basics of Java
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Training video 4

Duration 23 mins

Java Basics: Static and Non Static

  • Concept of Static and Non Static
  • What are static variables
  • Where and when do we use static variables
  • What are static methods
  • When and where do we use the static methods
  • Pre-existing static methods
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Training video 5

Duration 41 mins

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

  • Concept of Abstraction
  • What are Interfaces
  • How and When to use Interfaces
  • What are Abstract Classes
  • How and When to use Abstract Classes
  • Difference between Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Training video 6

Duration 44 mins

Access Modifiers and Collections

  • What are Access Modifiers
  • How and when to use Different Access Modifiers in Java
  • Difference between public and private keyword
  • Difference between Default and Protected keyword
  • Arrays in java
  • Drawbacks of arrays

Training video 7

Duration 18 mins

Exception Handling

  • What is an Exception
  • How and Why we use Exception Handling
  • How try and catch block works
  • When do we use the finally block
  • Need exception handling in Rest Assured

Training video 8

Duration 15 mins

Regular Expressions

  • What is Regular Expression
  • How and when to use Regular Expressions
  • What is Matches Function
  • Use of Regular Expressions in Rest Assured

Training video 9

Duration 20 mins

File Handling

  • File Handling in Java
  • Stream class in Java
  • How to write in file using output stream class
  • How to read file using input stream class
  • What is buffered reader/writer class
  • Reading text out of a url

Training video 10

Duration 44 mins

Introduction TestNG Framework

  • Downloading and installing TestNG
  • Annotations in TestNG
  • Prioritizing Tests
  • Introducing dependencies between tests
  • Assertions in TestNG
  • Soft Assertions in TestNG

Training video 11

Duration 15 mins

Introduction Maven

  • Introduction to Maven
  • Creating First Maven Project in Eclipse
  • Configuration of Maven Project
  • What is Pom XML
  • Adding Rest Assured Dependency to Pom.XML
  • Resources (Rest Assured doc, Maven Doc)

Rest Assured API and Pilot Project

Training video 12

Duration 68 mins

Rest Assured Basics 1

  • First Rest Assured Program
  • Sending GET/POST/PUT/DELETE J SON Requests and printing response
  • Including Java docs in eclipse
  • Receiving Response
  • Understanding Request Specification class
  • Setting content-type and headers in request

Training video 13

Duration 1 hr 49 mins

Rest Assured Basics 2

  • Logging With Rest Assured
  • Different Login Methods
  • Logging Request Information based on Test Status
  • Different ways to Build J son
  • Building Json request Json Object and Json Array
  • Building JSON Requests from Collections API

Training video 14

Duration 1 hr 9 mins

Reading and Extracting Responses

  • Extracting data from Response Json
  • Validations to be performed before reading response
  • Mocking responses
  • Reading response values from complex responses
  • Reading Multiple records from responses
  • Reading arrays in maps

Training video 15

Duration 1 hr 54 mins

Assertions in Rest Assured

  • Assertions and Validations in REST Assured
  • What is Json Schema
  • How to perform Schema Validations
  • Adding single assertion to tests
  • Adding Multiple Assertions To Tests
  • Asserting a complete Json Response

Training video 16

Duration 39 mins

Filters in Rest Assured

  • Filters in Rest-Assured
  • Extracting request specifications using filters
  • Extracting response specifications using filters
  • Extracting data from Request Json

Training video 17

Duration 1 hr 51 mins

Authentications in Rest Assured (Oauth 1.0 and Oauth 2.0)

  • Authentications in Rest Assured
  • What is OAuth1.0
  • What is OAuth2.0
  • Example OAuth1.0 with Twitter
  • Example OAuth2.0 with PayPal

Training video 18

Duration 20 mins

Validations And Authentications (File Download and Upload)

  • Validations and Authentication
  • Validation on File Download
  • Validation on File upload
  • Basic Authentication with File Download
  • Basic Authentication with File Uploads using REST Assured
  • Creating developer account for Zamzar file conversion

Training video 19

Duration 1 hr 3 mins

Pilot Project(Retail Application)

  • Retail Application and its feature
  • Installing Tomcat, MySQL and Retail Application
  • POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests in Retail Application Managing headers in retail application
  • Database setup for retail application
  • Session management in retail application

Live Projects and Framework Designing

Training video 20

Duration 6 hr 22 mins


  • Introduction to framework
  • Creating Maven Project
  • Managing Different test cases in framework
  • Creating base test class
  • Session ID management
  • Running all Test cases with base Test Class

Training video 21

Duration 6 hrs

Serenity BDD with Rest Assured

  • What is Serenity BDD?
  • Environment Setup
  • Setup Serenity BDD Project & configure pom.xml file
  • Getting your feet wet with Serenity BDD
  • Generate the first Serenity Build to execute tests
  • Understanding different Test outcomes in Serenity BDD

Total modules


Total Duration (hrs)