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Rest Assured Course Curriculum

Rest Assured Training course videos help you learn automating REST based webservices by building automation test cases, batch running them and generating detailed reports using Java libraries. Complete end to end automation of REST based webservices is covered using Rest Assured Libraries. You can also learn using Serenity BDD with Rest Assured

Rest Assured Tutorial for Beginners

Web Services,Postman

Training video 1

Duration 20 mins

Introduction to Web Services/API

  • Installing Student App
  • What is Rest
  • Introduction To XML
  • What is a web service/ API
  • Introduction To JSON
  • Header and Body
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Training video 2

Duration 32 mins

Manual API testing using Postman

  • Different Features of Post Man
  • Shortcomings of Postman
  • CRUD operations
  • GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests
  • Introduction to Postman tool
  • Introduction to Student App
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Java for Rest Assured

Training video 3

Duration 18 mins

Introduction To Java

  • Constructors in java
  • Introduction to Java
  • Installing JDK
  • Download eclipse
  • First Java Program
  • Basics of Java
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Training video 4

Duration 23 mins

Java Basics: Static and Non Static

  • When and where do we use the static methods
  • Pre-existing static methods
  • What are static methods
  • Concept of Static and Non Static
  • What are static variables
  • Where and when do we use static variables
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Training video 5

Duration 41 mins

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

  • What is Inheritance
  • Different Types of Inheritance
  • How to use Inheritance
  • Concept of Abstraction
  • What are Interfaces
  • How and When to use Interfaces
Training video 6

Duration 44 mins

Access Modifiers and Collections

  • What is a Linked List
  • What are Access Modifiers
  • Difference between Default and Protected keyword
  • Difference between public and private keyword
  • Arrays in java
  • Drawbacks of arrays
Training video 7

Duration 18 mins

Exception Handling

  • Need exception handling in Rest Assured
  • When do we use the finally block
  • How try and catch block works
  • How and Why we use Exception Handling
  • What is an Exception
Training video 8

Duration 15 mins

Regular Expressions

  • Use of Regular Expressions in Rest Assured
  • What is Matches Function
  • How and when to use Regular Expressions
  • What is Regular Expression
Training video 9

Duration 20 mins

File Handling

  • Reading text out of a url
  • How to write in file using output stream class
  • What is buffered reader/writer class
  • How to read file using input stream class
  • Stream class in Java
  • File Handling in Java
Training video 10

Duration 44 mins

Introduction TestNG Framework

  • Assertions in TestNG
  • Soft Assertions in TestNG
  • Why we need Soft Assertions
  • Introducing dependencies between tests
  • Annotations in TestNG
  • Prioritizing Tests
Training video 11

Duration 15 mins

Introduction Maven

  • Resources (Rest Assured doc, Maven Doc)
  • Adding Rest Assured Dependency to Pom.XML
  • What is Pom XML
  • Configuration of Maven Project
  • Creating First Maven Project in Eclipse
  • Introduction to Maven

Rest Assured API and Pilot Project

Training video 12

Duration 68 mins

Rest Assured Basics 1

  • Calculating response time
  • Sending GET/POST/PUT/DELETE J SON Requests and printing response
  • Receiving Response
  • Including Java docs in eclipse
  • Understanding Request Specification class
  • Logging request
Training video 13

Duration 1 hr 49 mins

Rest Assured Basics 2

  • Building Json request Json Object and Json Array
  • Building JSON Requests from Collections API
  • Logging Request Information based on Test Status
  • Different ways to Build J son
  • Building JSON Requests in Object Oriented Fashion
  • Different Login Methods
Training video 14

Duration 1 hr 9 mins

Reading and Extracting Responses

  • Mocking responses
  • Reading response values from complex responses
  • Validations to be performed before reading response
  • Reading Multiple records from responses
  • Extracting data from Response Json
  • Reading arrays in maps
Training video 15

Duration 1 hr 54 mins

Assertions in Rest Assured

  • What is Ham-crest Library
  • Using Assertions from Ham-crest Library
  • Soft Assertions In Rest-Assured
  • Asserting a complete Json Response
  • Adding Multiple Assertions To Tests
  • Adding single assertion to tests
Training video 16

Duration 39 mins

Filters in Rest Assured

  • Extracting response specifications using filters
  • Extracting data from Request Json
  • Extracting request specifications using filters
  • Filters in Rest-Assured
Training video 17

Duration 1 hr 51 mins

Authentications in Rest Assured (Oauth 1.0 and Oauth 2.0)

  • Example OAuth2.0 with PayPal
  • Example OAuth1.0 with Twitter
  • What is OAuth2.0
  • What is OAuth1.0
  • Authentications in Rest Assured
Training video 18

Duration 20 mins

Validations And Authentications (File Download and Upload)

  • Uploading files to Zamzar using Multipart Request
  • Creating developer account for Zamzar file conversion
  • Basic Authentication with File Uploads using REST Assured
  • Basic Authentication with File Download
  • Validation on File upload
  • Validation on File Download
Training video 19

Duration 1 hr 3 mins

Pilot Project(Retail Application)

  • Installing Tomcat, MySQL and Retail Application
  • POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests in Retail Application Managing headers in retail application
  • Database setup for retail application
  • Session management in retail application
  • Retail Application and its feature

Live Projects and Framework Designing

Training video 20

Duration 6 hr 22 mins


  • linking reqbody.html in extent reports
  • Implementing Data Provider in Base Test
  • Creating Data Util File
  • Xls Reading (Part 1)
  • Running all Test cases with base Test Class
  • Session ID management
Training video 21

Duration 6 hrs

Serenity BDD with Rest Assured

  • Tagging Scenarios in Cucumber
  • Request,Response Specification
  • Understand the use of @Step,@Steps to generate excellent reports
  • Excellent Report Generation in Serenity BDD
  • Dawback of writing rest-assured logic in Junit tests
  • Building Reusable methods using @Step,@Steps annotation in Serenity
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