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SOAPUI Course Curriculum

SOAPUI Training course videos will help you learn groovy and to write scripts which automate SOAP and Rest based webservices. End to End automation scenarios are covered along with report generation, emailing reports, batch running of test cases from SOAPUI. Automation of both SOAP as well as REST(JSON) are covered in depth.

What is a Webservice?

Groovy Scripting

Training Video - 1

Duration 25 mins

Introduction To Web Services

  • How one should use soap UI
  • Future of web services
  • What is XML?
  • Why XML is used for communication?
  • Download and install SOAP UI
  • Famous protocols used in web services
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Training Video - 2

Duration 26 mins

Groovy Introduction

  • Info and error log
  • log object in SOAP UI
  • JVM runs behind soapUI
  • Groovy script test step
  • Building test suites, Test cases and Test steps in SOAP UI
  • Why do we need Scripting/programming language
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Training Video - 3

Duration 41 mins

Groovy In Detail

  • Static variables
  • Non-static functions
  • Static functions
  • Initializing log inside class
  • Objects and object references
  • Accessing static from non-static
Training Video - 4

Duration 55 mins


  • Passing object as referance
  • Optional parameters
  • Passing value in functions
  • Initializing log inside class with constructor
  • this keyword
  • Constructors in groovy
Training Video - 5

Duration 39 mins

Groovy Script Test Step - Collections, Exceptions

  • When do we need exception handling in SOAPUI ?
  • Why do we need exception handling ?
  • Exception Handling in groovy
  • HashSet in groovy
  • ArrayList in groovy
  • Hashtable in groovy
Training Video - 6

Duration 53 mins

File Reading

  • Using log object inside the groovy class
  • When do we make and import jars in SOAPUI
  • Importing custom jars in SoapUI
  • Making a jar file with eclipse
  • Storing data in Xls files
  • Reading/Writing Xls Files


Training Video - 7

Duration 1 hr 14 min

Database Connection

  • Parameters
  • Execute and executeUpdate with parameters
  • Firing update and insert queries
  • Getting result in form of a list
  • Finding number of rows in result
  • GroovyRowResult class
Training Video -8

Duration 1 hr 17 min

SOAPUI Free Version - Intro

  • Creating test Suites and Test cases
  • Single and multiple endpoints
  • Reading soapui logs, error logs, memory logs and other logs
  • Sending request manually and reading response
  • SOAP Protocol
  • Implementing web service with SOAP
Training Video -9

Duration 50 mins

Soap Ui Free Version - Intro 2

  • Detailed Explanation of SOAP UI projects we will be using in training
Training Video -10

Duration 69 min


  • Preventing sensitive data to be visible in response- Security assertion
  • Best way to use assertions
  • SLA Assertion
  • What is assertion?
  • Validating response
  • Contains, not contains assertions
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Training Video -11

Duration 1 hr 6 mins

Groovy Script Test Step - Context

  • What is context ?
  • Storing properties in Context
  • Context variable scope
  • Use regular expressions to validate data
  • Check if xpath exists and is a valid one
  • Analyzing Retail application response
Training Video -12

Duration 1 hr 6 min

Groovy Script Test Step - Context, Test Runner

  • Cloning test suite/test case and usage
  • Executing Test Request Test Step from groovy test step if Response is not present
  • Executing test case step with groovy
  • Executing a test step in test case from test step in different test case
  • Executing a test step in test case from test step in same test case
  • Accessing context object across test cases
Training Video - 13

Duration 2 hours 25 mins

Properties In Soapui

  • Properties at Different Level (TestCase, TestSuite, Project, Global)
  • Property transfer test step
  • Reading properties file from groovy
  • When do we use properties file
  • Load property from .properties file
  • Test Request test Step custom properties

READY API - Test REST Web Services

Training Video - 14

Duration 45 mins

Ready Api / Api Testing - 1

  • Why READY API?
  • JIRA uses REST
  • Information about JIRA tool
  • POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests in REST
  • CRUD operations
  • API testing with REST
Training Video - 15

Duration 1 hr 30 min

Rest Web Service / Api Testing

  • Creating a new REST service
  • Validating/Asserting JSON response XmlHolder
  • Validating/Asserting JSON response with JsonSlurper
  • Techniques to validate JSON response
  • GET request to get current user info in Jira and validating response
  • POST request to into JIRA and validating response
Training Video - 16

Duration 36 min

Custom Application For Rest Api Testing

  • SOAPUI Method parameters
  • Session management
  • Database setup for retail application
  • Managing headers in retail application
  • POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests in Retail Application
  • Installing Tomcat, Mysql and Retail Application
Training Video - 17

Duration 1 hr

Parameterzing Scripts

  • DataSource Test Step
  • DataSource Loop Test Step
  • DataSink Test Step
  • Storing/Reading test data from XLS/XML
  • Storing/Reading test data from Database
  • SQL query builder
Training Video - 18

Duration 6 hrs 30 min

Data Driven Framework - Rest+ Ready API

  • Global Scripts for re-usability / Extending READY API
  • Reporting
  • Loop a test with different sets of data
  • Creationing/Organizing REST URLs in SOAPUI
  • Deciding Service EndPoints
  • Analysis of Request URLs

Framework Design - SOAPUI Free Version

Training Video -19

Duration 9 hrs 50 min

Data Driven Framework -SOAUI Free Version With SOAP Protocol

  • Global Scripts for re usability / Extending READY API
  • Parameterizing test and limitations in READY API
  • Limitations of free version of SOAPUI
  • SOAPUI TestRunner
  • Save all requests/responses in a text file
  • Building a simple test case using SOAPUI
Training Video -20

Duration 10 hrs 15 min

Data Driven framework -SOAPUI Free Version With REST

  • External Groovy Library/Extending SOAPUI
  • JavaDoc for SOAPUI
  • WsdlProject ,TestSuite, TestCase, TestCaseRunner, PropertiesMap,TestStepResult
  • Invoking Soapui Test cases from eclipse Java code
  • Overcoming all limitations - Use Java with eclipse
  • Parameterizing test and limitations in READY API
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