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Antonio Seraus Posted on 09/04/2020

Hi I do not see in the course where you can set the user and the admin password for the retail application.

Ashish Thakur Replied on 14/04/2020

There are 2 applications in Module 8 and Module 16 which were not working since we had some config changes.
Applications are ready now.
Please dont use your id as login id now. Its no longer supported.
Please follow following instructions:

Module 8 Retail Application (SOAP Based)
Please use login id as 'user' and password as 'whizdom' for normal login.
For admin Login, please use login id as user_soapadmin and password as 'whizdom'

For Module 16 Retail Application(REST Based)
Please use login id as 'admin' and password as 'whizdom' for login.

Rest everything is same.

shilpa Bhapkar Replied on 29/05/2021

Not working I have given same credentials

"username": "admin",
"password": "whizdom"







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