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Vijaypandiyan Palani Posted on 18/03/2020


I tried to create a Maven project and copied the dependencies and tried to run a simple project but i am getting below error (screenshot attached). For time being i tried to add the JARS manually and executed but now when i started Serenity framework, i am trying to execute the code through "JUnit" but now even if i download the JARs manually i am facing issue in running through manually. could you please help me in fixing this issue.

I tried to clean the project(Project -- Clean) and Maven--Update project but still no luck. I am not able to proceed to the course further. could you please help me on this. My skype id is "vijaykemi" i can share my screen . please help me on this . Please find my contact details below

Class not found com.serenity.framework.serenity_sample_test
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.serenity.framework.serenity_sample_test

Name :: Vijayapandian palani

Mobile :: 2484032731 (USA - CST)

Vijaypandiyan Palani Replied on 19/03/2020


Could you please let me know if you had a chance to work on this issue. i need to start work new project in next sprint(couple of weeks). For that i need to complete this frame work. I am stuck due to this issue. could you please help me to fix this issue ASAP. Thanks