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Petchimuthu Pandiyan Posted on 10/03/2020

Hi all,

I just wanted to know is there any possiblity to integrate Seleium with REST API. If yes, how can i implement & achieve it.

REquest your help on this as my project is planning to implement Selenium with Rest API.


Petchimuthu Pandiyan

Ashish Replied on 14/03/2020

Yes you can do it

You will have to include both selenium and rest assured jars

Selenium will be interacting with UI of the application and REST Assured can get values from JSON and you can do validations and operations

Petchimuthu Pandiyan Replied on 14/03/2020

Thanks for your response. Also, it would be great if you add a video on this topic to Rest tutorial so that it would be helpful for us.